Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sunglass Warehouse Vacation Giveaway

As I sit here looking out the window at the blizzard going on outside a warm, tropical vacation would be awesome! Courtesy of Sunglass Warehouse, you could be the lucky winner of a free vacation to someplace warm and sunny! Enter the contest here for your chance to win! Sunglass WareHouse! New addition on 1/27/2009...I just went and checked out their website and they have a great selection of some really trendy sunglasses for great prices! If you want to skip the contest and just get in some great sunglass shopping...CHECK THESE OUT! Don't worry...the sun will be coming back out soon!

Little Debbie Giveaway that won't make you fat!!

Isn't it wonderful that companies are coming out with your favorite products in the 100 calorie size so you can have your snacks and still comply with your diet? And the snacks don't taste like crap! They have flavor! You just have to make sure you only eat one pack at a time and not the entire box! My resolution this year is to lose 30 lbs. (ugh) As soon as I start dieting (watching calorie count) I am constantly starving. Having snacks that I like really helps in the battle. My Wooden Spoon is having a giveaway for a whole box chock full of 100 calorie Little Debbie snacks! Check out her blog and enter to win!

Bella Mia Beads Jewelry Giveaway

As I get older, I seem to like jewelry more than I did when I was young. When I was a kid/teen I couldn't really be bothered to make sure I had jewelry on. I guess maybe its in the quality of the jewelry we acquire as we get older that allows us to have some nice pieces that you can just leave on and not have to change all the time. One of my new favorites is beaded jewelry. Check out the etsy shop of Bella Mia Beads and then enter the giveaway! You can win the favorite item of your choice from her shop! Good luck to all!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Please oh please let me win a Smart Shopper!

I want a Smart Shopper sooooooooo much! I have blogged about them before, but the gods have not smiled on me and enabled me to win one yet! My friend (AuntieThesis) was the lucky winner of one before Christmas! I am soooooo jealous. She knows it too. She said she will bring it in so I can look at it (she just wants to gloat!) Bargain Briana is having a giveaway and the lucky winner gets their very own shiny, beautiful Smart Shopper! I hope its me this time, but if its someone who read this blog I will be happy too!

Keen Shoes Giveaway

I love winter...the snow, the cold, all of it. I do not like cold feet, however, so warm boots are a must if you are going to be out enjoying the elements! Check out the awesome Keen Shoe Giveaway at Simple Finds and enter for your chance to win! Also, check out the website for some stylish and durable boots and shoes!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Neat Receipts Giveaway from Chic Shopper Chick!

I am a receipt saver...I have them for almost everything I own. I even have them for my daughter's baby stuff and she is 16! I think I initially save them in case something breaks and I need to return it, but I never seem to get rid of any of them. There is a cool new gadget called Neat Receipts that will scan your receipts and help you get organized! It looks awesome and if you go to Chic Shopper Chick's blog, you can learn more about it and also enter her giveaway to win your own! Good luck to all!