Saturday, December 20, 2008


Have you seen this awesome gadget? I love the SmartShopper and want one so bad! My friend just won one and I am soooo jealous! I just entered a giveaway to win one, check out Forever and Always if you want to win one too!

Chic Buds!!!

I love stuff with a little bling and ChicBuds are the newest hot item that I love. They are earphones encrusted with Swarovski Crystals and they are darling. Check out their website and you will fall in love too. ChicBuds. Life in a house of Blue is giving away a set of Chicbuds to a lucky winner! Clink link to enter!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

$500 wish package

A great giveaway for a $500 wish package put together by Chris Heuer's Insytes or you can choose your own wish package put together by you! Click the link and Enter now!

Sears Wishes Giveaway

Win an awesome $500 Sears wish package at Successful and Outstanding Blog(gers)! Enter for a chance to win one of three terrific packages of great products from Sears!

XBox Giveaway

Through twitter I found a blog regarding video games and some great comments about kids using them. She is also giving away an XBOX system! check out her blog Tech Savvy Mama

Monday, December 15, 2008

HP Giveaway

Firemom has a great giveaway at her blog for HP Computers. I would love to give my children a new computer to use for their homework and well as for fun. The laptop I would love to have to use for my genealogy. As for donating, I would probably donate to an organization that helps women in transition. By that I mean women who have been stay at home moms for years and all of a sudden find themselves single, with no job and raising children. Past experience makes me realize how important computer access is to helping find a career or job after so long not “working”. I found myself at 33 years old, divorced, raising 2 children and without a job. I hadn't worked full time for at least 12 years. Thank god I had an interview lined up for 3 days after my ex decided to hit the road. I got the job, part time at first, but it turned into a full time career I love. I cannot even imagine how hard it is for some women to start over again, but it can be done, and a computer would certainly make the job search a lot easier. Check out Firemom's blog and enter the giveaway too!
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