Monday, December 15, 2008

HP Giveaway

Firemom has a great giveaway at her blog for HP Computers. I would love to give my children a new computer to use for their homework and well as for fun. The laptop I would love to have to use for my genealogy. As for donating, I would probably donate to an organization that helps women in transition. By that I mean women who have been stay at home moms for years and all of a sudden find themselves single, with no job and raising children. Past experience makes me realize how important computer access is to helping find a career or job after so long not “working”. I found myself at 33 years old, divorced, raising 2 children and without a job. I hadn't worked full time for at least 12 years. Thank god I had an interview lined up for 3 days after my ex decided to hit the road. I got the job, part time at first, but it turned into a full time career I love. I cannot even imagine how hard it is for some women to start over again, but it can be done, and a computer would certainly make the job search a lot easier. Check out Firemom's blog and enter the giveaway too!
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