Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Libby Give Back Giveaway!

The holidays are coming to a close and I had the opportunity to "give" in several different ways this year. There was a homeless guy that came into the station looking for a shelter and we gave him some money to help him on his way. The guys we work with with thought we were stupid cause he probably didn't need the money, but we thought in the spirit of christmas we would just have faith that he really needed it. Then we had a guy at work who recently went through a divorce and we knew things were gonna be tight this year so we took up a little collection to help him with gift buying. There were also the red buckets that I dropped all my change in everytime I came out of a store. It wasn't like I was a philanthropist giving away millions, but it makes you feel good all the same. Libby is sponsoring a giveaway at Jessica Knows to giveaway $150 to a lucky winner and an additional $150 to the charity of your choice. I would give the charity half to our local food bank to help replenish the coffers after the holidays!

Because Katie Says So First Giveaway!

I love the name of a new blog I found Because Katie Says So! Its perfect for this genre and she is celebrating her very first giveaway by offering a $25 Target giftcard! I would love to win this to buy some shoes. My friend Shelly buys the cutest heels and she is always getting them at Target! Last time I was there I got the cutest black patent leather heels! I love them and would love to get some more. I like the look of heels with jeans as long as it is the right type of heel! Check out her blog and giveaway and maybe you could be shopping at Target too! Because Katie Says So

Monday, December 29, 2008

Bertolli Giveaway!

Love pasta but don't know how to make sauce except for in a jar? I am the same way! I absolutely love Italian food, but have never been able to make tasty homemade sauce or really found a pre-packaged sauce that I loved. There is a chance for all of us to try Bertolli with their giveaway on the blog Unlikely Housewife in the Kitchen! Check out the site and the giveaway and hopefully one of us will be eating delicious pasta from Bertolli soon!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Darling Earring Giveaway!

Anyone who knows me well knows I can't stand gold jewelry! I think it looks awful against my skin and only wear it on the very rare occasion that my outfit requires gold instead of silver. I ABSOLUTELY adore silver jewelry! I love it, love it, love it! Silver is probably my favorite color right behind black (the staple of my wardrobe, but not in a creepy goth way!) I was looking through some blogs today and found a really cute one called Sparklingtwi. She makes her own beautiful jewelry and has a store on Etsy. Right at this moment she is having a giveaway for a stunning pair of pink and silver earrings highlighted with Swarovski crystals. As much as I would love to be the only entrant, its not fair for everyone else to not be able to check out her lovely line of jewelry! Click Sparklingtwi to see the giveaway and also visit her shop and check out her other pretty offerings!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Hasbro Giveaway!

My family loves to play board games! We don't find time to do it that often, but when we do find a couple of hours, it gives us time to just have fun as a family without watching tv, talking on our cells, etc. It's quality time enjoying and interacting face to face! Amanda is having a great Hasbro game giveaway on her blog! Check it out and remember to take time out for family fun every once in a while. It's an inexpensive way to spend quality time and make some hilarious memories!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Ice Giveaway!

Probably looked at the title of this post and thought who would want to win ice?? Well I certainly would when its in the form of a pair of beautiful diamond earrings. I think diamond earrings make every woman look classy and elegant! Check out the blog An Ordinary Life and enter for a chance to win a pair of earrings from Ice.com, who is the sponsor of this giveaway!

Saturday, December 20, 2008


Have you seen this awesome gadget? I love the SmartShopper and want one so bad! My friend just won one and I am soooo jealous! I just entered a giveaway to win one, check out Forever and Always if you want to win one too!

Chic Buds!!!

I love stuff with a little bling and ChicBuds are the newest hot item that I love. They are earphones encrusted with Swarovski Crystals and they are darling. Check out their website and you will fall in love too. ChicBuds. Life in a house of Blue is giving away a set of Chicbuds to a lucky winner! Clink link to enter!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

$500 wish package

A great giveaway for a $500 wish package put together by Chris Heuer's Insytes or you can choose your own wish package put together by you! Click the link and Enter now!

Sears Wishes Giveaway

Win an awesome $500 Sears wish package at Successful and Outstanding Blog(gers)! Enter for a chance to win one of three terrific packages of great products from Sears!

XBox Giveaway

Through twitter I found a blog regarding video games and some great comments about kids using them. She is also giving away an XBOX system! check out her blog Tech Savvy Mama

Monday, December 15, 2008

HP Giveaway

Firemom has a great giveaway at her blog for HP Computers. I would love to give my children a new computer to use for their homework and well as for fun. The laptop I would love to have to use for my genealogy. As for donating, I would probably donate to an organization that helps women in transition. By that I mean women who have been stay at home moms for years and all of a sudden find themselves single, with no job and raising children. Past experience makes me realize how important computer access is to helping find a career or job after so long not “working”. I found myself at 33 years old, divorced, raising 2 children and without a job. I hadn't worked full time for at least 12 years. Thank god I had an interview lined up for 3 days after my ex decided to hit the road. I got the job, part time at first, but it turned into a full time career I love. I cannot even imagine how hard it is for some women to start over again, but it can be done, and a computer would certainly make the job search a lot easier. Check out Firemom's blog and enter the giveaway too!
Stop,Drop and Blog

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Holiday Appetizers

Looking for some yummy holiday appetizers? Check out this blog and enter the $500 Walmart gift card giveaway! http://thecentsiblesawyer.blogspot.com/2008/12/big-give-away-500-walmart-gift-card.htmlHappy Holidays!

Awesome little helper!

I have just been introduced to the neatest little gadget to help with grocery shopping. "The SmartShopper™ Electronic Grocery List Organizer (http://getsmartshopper.com/) is an automated grocery / errand organizer that allows you to add items to your shopping list by simply speaking into the device. You can edit and customize your SmartShopper using the easy-to-read LED display and SmartShopper will automatically sort your items alphabetically. Then, when you’re ready to go to the store, the SmartShopper prints your list, organized by categories such as “Fresh Produce”, “Dairy” or “Errands"! Does this not sound like the coolest thing...there is a great giveaway to win one if you would like to check it out http://mommainflipflops2.blogspot.com/2008/12/smart-shopper-review-giveaway.html
Christmas contest to buy your self something! At this time of year it is so hard to find a little cash to splurge on yourself. There is a great giveaway to do just that! A $100 gift card to spend on something that will say Merry Christmas to me! Check it out http://totallyher.com/forum/totally-her-contests/2214-holiday-gifts-mom-contest-totallyher-ends-dec-18-a.html

Monday, December 8, 2008

Just found a great new blog and a great site for jewelry...check out http://momto3angels.blogspot.com/2008/12/christmas-in-wonderland-blog-party-day_05.html#comment-form and http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5849732 !
I have been watching the sales lately so I can get my daughter a digital photo frame for Christmas. There is an awesome giveaway for one at http://www.5minutesforgiveaways.com/24/win-a-kodak-digital-frame/#comment-270 ! My fingers are crossed to win this one! Click the link if you would like to try for it too!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Christmas Memories!

Have fun reading and posting about your favorite Christmas memories and maybe winning a little stocking stuffer of your own! http://www.commonsensewithmoney.com/2008/12/share-your-favorite-holiday-memory-and.html

Lands End

I love the look of a winter vest over a turtleneck for winter. If you like it to, you may be interested in the giveaway going on now http://blondereviews.blogspot.com/2008/12/lands-end-holiday-giveaway.html! They have some awesome stuff to be given away made by Lands End! Check out the Lands End Website too http://www.landsend.com/

Another great giveaway!

MommyDaddyBlog.com is giving away a Boojiboo Apron & Pillsbury Savoring the Moment Gift Bag as part of their Three Gs For The Holidays event! Click on over right now to get in on fun giveaways, get shopping ideas from their Gift Guide, and learn how you can help children in need this holiday season!

Winter Wear!

Columbia sportswear makes some awesome products for those who are active in the cold and snow! Mommymandy is having a giveaway on her site that I am sure everyone will want to enter. Check it out! http://www.mommymandy.com/2008/12/columbia-sportswear-giveaway.html Have fun playing outdoors!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Another awesome HP giveaway!

I am a genealogist and would love to have a laptop to store my research in and be able to have it at my digital fingertips! If you would love one too, check out another great giveaway at http://http://www.gearlive.com/news/article/q208-gear-live-magic-giveaway-hp-mini-1000-office-2007/

Go Green This Christmas!

There are lots of great tips on how to go green this Christmas, and also a fun contest! Check out http://www.drinktoglow.com/blog/?p=922
Let's all do our part this holiday season!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

First Blog

This is my first time trying this, so I won't have a lot on here, besides, I don't think there is much demand to know what is going on in my life.....probably because there isn't much going on at all. Work, work, work and more work. Pretty boring, I know.